Thursday, March 30, 2006

Future Capstoners

SO the letter to the kids that will open it up about 5 years from now. I guess here is my 2 cents in the bunch. Every day I find out more and more I don’t know…but really I think that’s a good sign. Sometimes I think people have to stop and think, the fact that they are aware of all they don’t know means something. Don’t do what people want you to do. Do what you want to do, when you want to do it. There is nothing worse than a puppet person that does everything perfectly and is miserable. I was that person a long time ago, and I’ll tell ya. It’s not very fun. It doesn’t get you anything except a ridiculously high gpa and no friends. In the real world, that’s not gonna get you anywhere fast. Balance your time between work and fun. People are the most important part of your life. The package you have due constantly is also important, but don’t step on people to get it done. I’m not gonna say these four years flew because they didn’t. I got to travel the world, be on the radio & television., and my life might seem a bit more glamourous than the average bio major. At the same time though, if I hadn’t worked my butt off, none of that would ever have happened. Work hard, play hard. That’s my motto. Viel Glueck!

Diamonds are made under pressure.

Amy Sas. <3


Blogger Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

Are you planning on making resume CDs, DVDs, tapes, or build e-portfolios?

7/4/06 19:19  

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