Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Me again!

Soooo I have FINALLY started sending out tapes and resumes. :) What a relief. I'm not gonna say where yet because it's a secret, but I'll let you all know if I get the job. :) Let's just hope for now. Plus I thought of a killer theme for my broadcast presentation. I'm gonna use a road sign theme. Don't worry everyone. I won't be traveling down memory lane...think of it if you will as more of a construction zone theme. Anyway --I now have a game plan, and a new killer resume tape.

Ok, so on to much more fun things....The Clarks are coming to Westminster on May 5th, the day before Volleyrock and Titan Radio is trying to do a promotion with them!! And today was the best because we found out that Christy Sitter may be able to get Hanson to perform at Volleyrock. She does PR for them. So if I can get SGA to approve it, we may have one exciting weekend ahead here at ye ole DubC.

Stay tuned.



Blogger Megan Marshall said...

Hanson was on "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" this week! I may have graduated, but I'm still a big kid. Good luck with your promotions!!

No problem, definitely use me as a reference, I would love to talk about how talented you are. Send me an e-mail soon to update me on everything so I know what points to stress if I get a call about ya.

Have a great weekend!


28/4/06 19:34  

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